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white jumpsuits FTW

Nothing strikes fear into a mom's heart like an all white outfit. Because, KIDS, y'all. Kids have an internal radar for anything pristine, and will basically find, seek, and destroy. 

They will use Cheeto fingers.

They will use mud and/or dirt.

They will use snot and boogers. 

They'll use things I haven't even considered yet, because THEY ARE TINY SAVAGES

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formula for the 4th

If y'all know me in life, you know that I enjoy dressing up for the 4th of July, but without being all HEY IT'S THE FOURTH OF JULY!!!  SEE MY STARS?? SEE MY STRIPES???? GO 'MERICA!!!!

(Actually, I kind of enjoy a good ol' MERICA outfit.  BUT for those who wanna be a tad more, ahem, SUBTLE, then this post is for you.)

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the bomb(er)

not gonna lie, when I first donned this jacket, I felt a little "Pink Ladies" about it. (And if you aren't old enough to need Botox, then you probably don't know what I'm talking about.) Let's just say, it definitely falls outside of my typical style wheelhouse....but, you know what they say....wheelhouses are made to be broken. Or something like that. 

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