friday faves : summer is trying to kill me

Well, I have no idea where I got the idea that summer would be all "chill by the pool and eat ice cream" kind of relaxing.   

Hahahaha, NO. Instead, it's more like, "chauffeuring your kids to various camps they don't want to go to, cleaning up dog vomit off your new rug, and living in a house with a broken AC" kind of relaxing.

In other words, every day this summer has been Monday. 

BUT, y'all. Summer still has lots of time to redeem itself. And since internet shopping is my happy place, let us avoid our problems by diving into some of this week's favorites.

(Because apparently my favorites don't include my dog, our AC company, or healthy coping strategies.)

tobi camo.jpg

tobi camo tee | ag white denim | steve madden wedges | straw bag | fringe earrings | photo by jnelly photography

1. This camo tee from Tobi. Y'all. It is a magical unicorn of t-shirts because A) it is CAMO. And while I am not guaranteeing that your kids and husband will mistake you for a sergeant and automatically obey your camo-wearing self, I AM saying that it CAN'T HURT. Also B) it has a CHOKER. And I think we all understand how I feel about chokers. 

Dear 90's, thank you for the choker trend. For that, we will try to forgive you the grunge look and mood rings. 

2.  This Asher by fab'rik tank

Y'all. At my styling event with fab'rik Buckhead last weekend, I styled SO MANY people in this tank. It is truly flattering on everyone, and looks fabulous with a lace bralette. 

*On that note, want a fun mom hack? Take a nursing pad and slip it inside your lace bralette. Boom. You are now both supported and guaranteed to avoid being the risqué mama at the park. 

3. MIA Elana Flat Sandal

It's not often that something super on-trend is also comfortable as all heck. But y'all, these sandals hit the mark. The sneaker-style sole is SO on point fashion-wise, but it also guarantees that  you won't want to take these off your feet ALL SUMMER. (Let's hope that doesn't make them smell like my kids' crocs.)

4. BP Sunglasses

Y'all--these are $14! Which means you can buy a pair for yourself AND your bestie. And then be all like, these are our BFF Sunnies. 

What? It can totally be a thing. 

5. Treasure & Bond Choker 7-Layer Choker

Admittedly, SOME OF US, are accessory-layering challenged. And I have found our solution. One necklace, SEVEN CHOKERS.  We are officially winning at life and chokers. 

Happy Friday y'all!