sweet + edgy

It's all about balance in life, right? Like, if HYPOTHETICALLY OF COURSE, we eat at McDonald's and Chick Fil A in the same day, then the next day, we just won't eat fast food. Duh. 

Or if I watch TWO episodes of the Housewives, then I will balance it out with an episode of Bachelor in Paradise. 

Is that not how this concept works? AHEM. 

Anyway, fashion is ALL ABOUT BALANCE, y'all.  For example, do NOT wear a feminine, floral-y piece, and pair it with, let's say, a tiara. 

Because who doesn't just throw on their tiara when they head out the door? 

Or if you're wearing something edgy like a biker jacket, DO pair it with a tutu. (This may also be an appropriate environment for your tiara. Because people will be too afraid of your biker status to make fun of you. They may also think you're a deranged princess. Whatevs.)

See where I'm headed with this? Let's wear some distressed crops and throw that ISH on with your feminine-est (act like it's a word) top. And as you can see, this top is SO GOOD. Little pricier than I normally do, but since you can wear straps up or down, it is THEREFORE two different tops and completely justifiable. 

In my mind.

Shop the look at all price ranges below, ladies, and don't forget your tiaras. Happy Tuesday!