a day in the hustle

Moms are pretty much total #bosses, right? And I think we can agree that we are all seriously HUSTLING.  Like all day, erryday. (The answer is NO. I don't know why I think I can get away with saying erryday. BUT, I'm GONNA.)  Whether you are a mom who works inside the home, outside the home, or some combination of both, you're going to LOVE this post by my blogger friend, Cait. She's gonna fill us in on what her daily mom hustle looks like, and we can all be inspired. And maybe slightly jealous of the way her husband brings her coffee in bed. (AHEM. Hi, JOHN.) 

Hi everyone! I’m Cait from Cait’s Cozy Corner where I share snipped of my crazy life with everyone! Currently I’m a Mom of two little sweet peas, Lily whose 3 ½ and Landon who's 6 weeks! I’m married to my college sweetheart for the last 5 years and we moved to Atlanta about two and a half years ago from Chicago! When I first started blogging 7 years ago, it was just to keep up with friends and family who were far away but now blogging has taken an entire new turn with so many social media platforms! As a career woman, Mom and blogger I wanted to share a typical day in the life of what I do. Since many of you probably don’t care about my 9-5 job during the week, I decided to write down my schedule during the weekend since that’s the majority of the time I get blogging things accomplished.

12am- That’s right. That alarm is going off again because my little guy is hungry. Again. Didn’t he just eat a few minutes ago, or at least that’s what it seems! This little guy needs to sleep more and eat less..I kid I kid.

3:30am- Back to nursing again. Did I brush my hair ? Ugh great, spilled milk again. I’ll try not to cry about it when I’m more awake in the next few hours.

6am - My alarm goes off but thankfully it’s Saturday so I don’t have to start getting ready for work. At least not my 9-5 work business clothes but a more casual approach. After nursing I head downstairs and start the coffee. Aka my favorite part of the morning.

6:30- Landon is sleeping soundly as is my husband next to me while I write out this blog post and start scheduling posts on Social Media for the weekend. I also scroll through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

7:30/8- My toddler awakes with a “MOMMY I NEED YOU” scream. Perfect. My husband is a saint and grabs her from her room, bringing me another cup of coffee and turning the TV on while she watches her favorite show, singing along and watching me continue to type and answer e-mails from the comfort of our bed.

8-10am: Getting breakfast for the family, nursing Landon again, and planning out my next week’s Instagram outfits. Of course my little helper wants to help with wearing my wedges around my closet while I try to get everything organized.

10-12p : Answer e-mais, plan out Social Media posts for the weekend and week and finish up phone call meeting. Is that Lily throwing a tantrum again? Just another day for this Mom.

Image: Caits Cozy Corner

12-1p : Grab a small yogurt and make lunch for my toddler. My husband helps and coxes me out of the room to finally get out of my pajamas of a stained milk stained t-shirt and pants and put on my first outfit shoot. I take a shower ( glorious! ) and get my hair and makeup done while he puts Lily down for a nap.

Image:  STL Locksmith LLC

1-3p : I grab all my other outfits, thank our neighbor who has come over to help ‘watch’ or rather listen for our when our daughter wakes up from our nap while Zach and I head out around the neighborhood in the car to scout out location spots to shoot outfits for the week. I use the back seat of the car as my ‘changing station’ with all my outfits and accessories on hangers. And then.. The worst. I lock the keys in the car. WHAT! Thank goodness I have a locksmith to call, STL Locksmith LLC . I love that they are available 24/7 to help and promptly offer to send someone out immediately. Their website offers a quick click and call option which is helpful if the number didn’t save into my phone. Thankfully they are experience with helping me get the keys from my car and make me feel so much better about my awful mishap. Clearly, its life and it happens. All I can say is thank goodness they came and quickly to help us get back home!

3-5pm: I edit photos on the computer for 45 minutes while also sipping my pretend tea with my toddler. The joys of childhood am I right? After finishing our tea party and picking the photos for the week to add to my blog and social media, I scoop up my toddler and we get dinner started for the night. Pizza..because I’m just too tired to cook after our crazy afternoon.

5-8pm: Enjoy a somewhat hot meal while nursing Landon, chatting about the day with our toddler and enjoying a movie together as a family once the dishes and kitchen are somewhat put back together. Then it’s bath time for the kids, 2 books to read with our toddler and totally not ashamed to say that my husband and I both fall back into bed around 8:05pm.

8-10pm: I start writing blog posts for the week ,highlighting my favorite pieces and looking if any sale are occurring for each outfit. I then schedule out on my Google Calendar when I’m posting the item, what time and what social media platform to keep things looking neat. I slowly start to close my eyes until wrestling wakes me up again from my little guy….

12am: Starting all over again… the life of a Mom Fashion blogger is so glamorous friends.

Guys, isn't Cait awesome? Don't we all want her legs? Yes and yes. Go follow her on social and read her blog, y'all! Happy Friday friends.