vacay chic : fab'rik + RATMJ

Y'all, when fab'rik asked me if I would be interested in hosting a "Vacay Chic with Rage Against the Mom Jean" event,  I kinda felt like I got asked to the prom by the hot guy.  Because I have had a total boutique crush on fab'rik for years. This has involved what may or may not be classified as minor stalking. If by stalking, i mean giving them all my money. 

(Jk. Maybe.)

I recently went into fab'rik to select some favorites for the event, and OH EM GEE, how much do we all need this dress in our lives? 

(The answer is a lot.  We need it a LOT.)

dorado tropic maxi | bb dakota manuel bomber | wedge heel (similar here

And don't even get me started on this crocheted bomber. There aren't words strong enough to describe my obsession. 

So, whatever plans you have for this Saturday afternoon, CANCEL THEM and get thyself over to the Buckhead fab'rik between 2-4pm.  There will be free styling (by me). There will be tons of cute summery goodness (for you).  And rumor has it, there will be giveaways too. (Why did I just turn into an overly excited Dr. Seuss?)

Oh yeah. Because I was asked to prom by the hot boutique. 

Until Saturday,