mom capsule : part one

tobi shift dress | halogen slide sandal | twine & twig necklace | embellished clutch (similar here

In an effort to control my hoarding (and also because you guys told me to on Facebook), I'm putting together a little series on a capsule wardrobe for mamas. 

Actually, this is really for all women between the ages of "let me wear a crop top with my cutest mini" and "I need to get my hair permed, also where's my walker?" 

I'm gonna go ahead and say that a shift dress is among THE MOST VERSATILE pieces you can own, and is therefore one of my top choices for your new capsule wardrobe. And here's why:

Are you going to church? Super. Throw it on with a pair of sassy mules and call it a day. 

Are you headed to a kid birthday party? Pair it with some fun sneaks and be so comfortable that all your friends will be jealous. Also, be able to HUSTLE and grab little Billy before he throws himself face-first into the cake.  

Headed to a cocktail party? Bling it up with a fun statement necklace and some strappy sandals. Feel NO REMORSE if you decide to leave early and be in pjs by 10pm. You're boss like that. 

See where I"m heading with this? You need a shift dress in your life. Actually, you need THIS Tobi shift dress in your life. It's lightweight, so comfortable, an appropriate length (hallelujah) AND will flatter every body type on the planet.  It also happens to be $26! Which as we all know, amounts to like 3 Starbucks runs, and THEREFORE IT IS FREE. #sherrimathPLUS it comes in SO MANY different fun shades that we can do that thing we all do, and buy it in 3 colors. #winningatlifeanddresses

stay tuned for my second installment in the perfect capsule wardrobe series....also, comment below to let me know what pieces YOU think are perfect for a mom-sule wardrobe. 

And in return, I promise to never say that again. 

Until next time,