instagram round up

So, first of all, if you aren't following me on social media, then WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE? (Besides working, being productive, and not getting tech neck?)

(For real though, I am NOT ABOVE SHAMELESS BEGGING. Follow me. Also? Bye pride, it was nice knowing you.) 

Anyway, according to Instagram, I got dressed in real people clothes AT LEAST a handful of times this month. And what is an Instagram for if not making people feel inadequate, filling in the blog when you haven't shot outfit photos in a sweet forever, and rounding up all the times I got dressed like a normal person?


Y'all, I love, love, LOVE wearing an OTS top with a vest. I wish I could say that I came up with this look out a love of fashion. But really, it was out of the laziness of not wanting to wear a strapless bra. And now I don't have to. BOOM. 

But ya know, also for the FASHION.

P.S. almost all of the pieces in this are old, but the principle still applies. A few sizes of the jeans are still available here, and they are WAY on sale! The booties are available here

free people dress (y'all people LOVE THIS DRESS. Snag one, before they're gone! This one is similar, if you prefer covered arms.) | nordstrom hat | apple watch

I posted this look to Instagram last night, because, despite being HIGHLY unshowered and gross, I felt that it was my duty to inform y'all about this dress. It is THAT. GOOD.  I'm not even exaggerating when I say I got about 5 texts in 5 minutes, asking for sizing. For reference, I got an XS, which should tell you that this runs LARGE. Definitely size down, because the only place I'm an extra small is IN MY MIND. 

Finally, follow me on ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIA, where I promise to overshare about things like that time I wore my bathing suit to the pool INSIDE OUT. #goodtimes #wishitwasthefirsttime

Happy Thursday friends!