how to : style summer dresses for fall

mill street sundress | kork-ease sandals

How do you style a summer dress for fall? 

Layering. The end. 

Just kidding, because I AM HILARIOUS that way. (On a related note, why isn't there an eyeroll key on computers? Would be suuuuuuper helpful right now.)

Seriously though, if you've followed me here or on the socials, for any amount of time, then you know I am ALL ABOUT SOME LAYERING. There are so many benefits to adding a new layer to an outfit. 

Reasons why you need to layer your outfits this fall:

1. It gives you a SECOND outfit without having to actually buy anything. And therefore your first outfit is OBVIOUSLY free. (Stores and husbands will not agree with this logic. You've been warned.)

2. Layering makes you look like a sassy fashion PRO who knows what she is doing. 

3. Layering helps you to NOT develop hypothermia, when you go from 100 degrees outside, to a brisk 52 degrees inside. Because, GEORGIA. 

But the biggest reason to up your layering game is.....

4. It helps you transition your summer clothes to fall.

If you're like me, you have tons of summer dresses that you love to wear. But the minute school starts, it's obviously basically Halloween and almost Christmas. So, they feel out of season and therefore out of commission. 


Layering changes everything.

mill street sundress | blanknyc moto jacket | skull tee (old, but this is similar) | leith booties 

When one of my favorite online boutiques, Mill Street (check them out!), gave me this sundress to style, I knew it would be something that I wanted to wear again and again. And AGAIN. So, I decided to make it work for multiple seasons, and I love how my little layering project turned out. First of all, I found a skull tee, because who DOESN'T wanna be the mom at her kid's school wearing actual SKULLS?! (I also like how the skulls kind of balance the sweetness of the floral.) 

Then, I added two of my #nsale favorite purchases: the moto jacket I plan to wear into the ground, and the red sock booties that are super extra. And we all know I'm HERE for extra. 

So, layer away peeps! Throw those tees, sweaters, and muscle shirts on over your dresses with wild abandon. Get crazy and mix in a button-down. 

P.S. Ally Grace wants to know how YOU'D wear this sundress for fall, so I can get some new ideas that "won't embarrass" her in public. 

Head to toe skulls from now on, baby. (What do I have to look forward to, if not embarrassing my children?)

Until next time,