j.crew mercantile + amazon fashion

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basic white tee | denim jacket (wearing a small for reference) | floral skirt (wearing a size 6) | outfit c/o amazon fashion | fab’rik shoes (similar here) | tom ford sunglasses

*Finds out J.Crew Mercantile is available on Amazon.

*Races John to the credit cards before he can put them through his shredder.

*Laughs evilly at the look on John’s face when he realizes I’ve got those bad boys memorized.

It’s always been high-quality, but remember when J.Crew used to be a bit more, um, AFFORDABLE? And remember how now, when you browse the J.Crew website, the prices hurt your feelings? (Not to mention your bank account?)

Well, y’all. Let me introduce you to J.Crew Mercantile. It’s basically what would happen if J.Crew’s Bestseller category had a baby with the Factory prices. And the result was a beautiful, inexpensive, fashion baby.

(No. I DON’T know why I’m like this.)

Here’s the gist : J.Crew staples. Factory prices. And the best part? (lean in close) IT’S ALL AVAILABLE ON AMAZON WITH FREE TW0-DAY PRIME SHIPPING!!!

But, Sherri, I don’t understand. How can I get an actual J.Crew denim jacket for $60? And a tee for $12.50? WHAT IS THIS LIFE?

All I can say is, I’ve now purchased approximately half the entire J.Crew Mercantile line, because as we all know, Amazon is for necessities. Making my new coat A NECESSITY.


Scroll down for my current Mercantile favorites, available via the nice people at Amazon Fashion. Kindly ignore how this is all I will be wearing from now on, pleaseandthankyou.

one    |    two    |    three    |    four    |    five    |    six

one | two | three | four | five | six

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seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve

Guys, what do y’all think? Tell me your favorites, and whether you are as flabbergasted as I am by these prices.

Also tell me how we can use “flabbergasted” in more sentences. #mkaythanks

Until next time,