miami nights

charles henry jumpsuit | vince camuto booties | baublebar earrings | anthropologie bomber | rebecca minkoff backpack 

Y'all, let's be for real. Jumpsuits are not known for comfort They're known primarily for having to be removed JUST TO PEE. (Rude.)

Which means that in 99% of regular life, SHERRI DON'T PLAY THAT. 

BUT. I'm headed to Miami, aka the Land of Making me Feel Old, Wrinkly, and Overly Clothed. And I feel that this bad boy may see some action.

My booties AND the bomber are both perforated, which should tell you a little something about how perforated ANYTHING just WORKS this spring. Plus, y'all. A perforated bomber is GENIUS. You won't get hot. But you WILL have an extra cute layer. For FASHION'S SAKE. Because we all know that fashion doesn't care whether you're comfortable. 

And apparently I don't either. (J/k, I do! I really do! This is actually comfortable,  AND super cute. I PROMISE)

Until next time,