must-have jacket for spring

Jacket | Top (similar here and here) | Pants | Booties (similar here) | Clutch (no longer available) | choker | photos by jnelly photography

This style tip is coming straight to you from the runways mind. Which may not be as fancy as a fashion week runway, but STILL. Take one look at these metallic jackets and tell me you don't want one too. 

(Unless you don't enjoy being all HEY LOOK AT ME, I'M WEARING A SILVER JACKET. Then you actually may not want one. I still love you though.)

However, if you wanna join me and guacamole in being a little EXTRA, then feel free to shop below. 

P.S. If your jacket is a showstopper, (and the way you'll know is that your husband will come home and be all HEY WHAT'S UP MICHAEL JACKSON?), then as a general rule, let's keep the rest of the outfit simple. Again, straight from the fashion week of my mind. You're welcome. 

Until next time,