spring staples : splurge vs steal

It's basically summer guys. If you don't have white jeans yet, then imma need you to get yo mind right.

It's basically summer guys. If you don't have white jeans yet, then imma need you to get yo mind right.

Guys! It's Sherri's Famous (not really) Splurge vs. Steal edition!
And YOU get a steal, and YOU get a steal, and YOU get a steal!

(Don't mind me, just over here pretending to be Oprah, again.)

In honor of the fact that the temps are in the 70's and it's basically the dead of summer now, I'm gonna share a few of  my warm weather favorites. First I'll show you a splurge-y option that will definitely cause your significant other to question your spending habits. Next, I'll show you my "steal" option, which essentially qualifies as INVESTING your money and making financially responsible decisions. 

Or something like that.  

1. White Jeans: SPLURGE vs STEAL

Listen guys, this jean includes three things we love: PAIGE + HIGH WAIST + ANKLE LENGTH. Hitting the trifecta with these bad boys, and even though they are pricey, I have a feeling that they're worth every penny.

(I also have a feeling that those shoes would like to come live with me.)

Topshop Jamie High Waist Jean

In case you're not feeling super splurge-y, here's a solid alternative. I usually size up in Topshop, which I feel is RUDE and what's wrong with a little vanity-sizing, guys?


2. Mom Sneaks : Splurge vs. Steal

Disclaimer: Yes. I realize this price is insane for sneakers. But when you factor in cost per wear, carry the 5, and multiply by how comfortable your feet are, well. I think we all know that #sherrimath just made them free for you.

You're welcome. 

These bad boys, on the other hand, are wallet-friendly. And super cute. And come in camo and leopard, and OHMYGOODNESS, how did you get in my cart, Leopard Shoes?? Whoops.

3.  Bamboo Bag : Splurge vs. Steal 

Y'all. Unless you live under a rock, you've seen this bag on basically every blogger and instagrammer out there. And despite the fact that it would inevitably drop random receipts and purse gum everywhere, I still somehow love it. Unfortunately, I do NOT love this price.....

....which is where this one comes in. Such a good dupe, for a fraction of the cost. Which means I'll have plenty of money left over to buy purse gum. 

Three of my favorite summer staples, with options for all financial philosophies. Boom. I hope you're as impressed with these as I am, and by impressed you should understand they are on their way to my house as I type. 

#itsfortheblog #becauseofsherrimath

Until next time,