shirtdress two ways

shirtdress | shoes | purse | sunglasses | photos by jnelly photography 

Y'all, is there any bigger workhorse in our closets than a shirtdress? (Yes, Sherri, they're called sweatpants. AHEM.)

But for real though, allow me to blow your mind. Get a shirtdress.  Wear it proudly, LIKE THE FANCY LADY YOU ARE. (Or at least the one you pretend to be.)

Then, on a day when you're all, I hate every single piece of clothing in my closet and have nothing to wear, grab your favorite jeans and tank, and wear that shirtdress unbuttoned like an extra long jacket. Boom. #fashionboss

As someone who tries to get away with wearing jeans under my dress ALL THE TIME, even when it's decidedly NOT okay, I tend to prefer the outfit below. 

shirtdress | tank (use code SHERRIDICKENS20 at fab'rik buckhead for 20% off your entire purchase!) | cropped denim (similar here) | shoes | sunglasses | purse | photos by jnelly photography

And if this shirtdress isn't your jam, then here are a few others I enjoy:


Until next time (I'll just be sitting here trying to figure out a way to wear sweatpants under my dresses and call it fashion),