friday faves : my fave bloggers

Blogger friends are the best, and Mireille is basically my blogger soulmate. IT'S NOT WEIRD, STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT.  But seriously y'all, go follow her. She's serious fashion and mom #goals, but in an approachable way. 

Before I started blogging, I had a very specific idea about the life of a blogger. I thought it consisted of fun photo shoots, being gifted all kinds of free stuff, and just generally looking put together most of the time. I was certain that bloggers had their ISH together, in a way that I could never. 

And then I became one. And I learned that photo shoots are freezing & awkward, free stuff DOESN'T come pouring out of the UPS truck (unless you're John, in which case it does), and I almost NEVER look put together. Just ask any of my neighbors or basically anyone in my life. 

And as far as having my ISH together? *falls on the floor laughing hysterically, is physically unable to type for 10 minutes.

Since it's Friday Favorites, I wanted to share some of MY favorite bloggers. Most of them, I actually know personally. They are boss lady badasses, who inspire and encourage me, and I can't wait for all you guys to know them too.  

Disclaimer: this is not a full list of all the bloggers I love, and y'all know I can get a little, ahem, WORDY. So in the interest of not boring the pants off ya, I'm going to make this a two-parter. Stay tuned!

1. Seersucker and Saddles Let's all pretend you don't already all follow Beth (you do.), so I can tell you how awesome she is. Her style is on point, but more importantly, so is her personality.  She has a beautiful family, beautiful house, and a beautiful heart. Oh, and also she can cook like a BOSS, so go follow her if you like being inspired in basically all areas of life (you do). 

2. City Peach  We talked about Mireille above, but seriously y'all, her looks are some of my favorites on the internet. She's a true creative, and finds ways to do this style thing UNIQUELY. And I'm here for it. She's also so much fun IRL that you'll basically try to convince her to move into the house next door to you. ACT LIKE IT'S NORMAL. 

 3. Edit by Lauren : Lauren is a total OG of the fashion blogging world, and was basically my first "blogger" friend (although we were already friends in real life too. Her style is so colorful and fun, and she's truly one of the nicest people I know. If you aren't already following her (which you are), then get on it.

4. KBStyled  : Brooke is another all around GOALS type of person. (But without making you feel bad about how you are NOT a goals type of person.) She's gorgeous, a great mama, ridiculously stylish, and again, also one of the nicest people I know. Her style is kind of feminine with some edge, and I LOVE it. 

5. The Mom Edit (disclaimer: the mom edit doesn't know I'm alive. But I still love this blog so much.) There are 5 or 6 (ish?) writers on this one, and they each bring their unique styles and perspectives to the fashion table. I especially love their sale roundups, and the way they highlight approachable mom style.  (Um, hi, Mom Edit? CALL ME. kthxbye)

6. The Style Hunt  Y'all, my friend Emily is legit one of THE most stylish girls on the gram. I basically NEVER see a post from her that doesn't make me immediately go out and buy one of everything she's wearing. 


7. Jenny Sue Makeup Jennifer is another stunning human, who is just as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside. She has makeup inspiration and tutorials for daysssss, and makes me feel like I actually COULD master a smokey eye, even though I most definitely cannot. I love getting her take on what I need to have in my makeup bag. Because mama needs all the help she can get.

Okay guys, now it's your turn. I'd love to hear about the bloggers YOU love and follow. Hit me up in the comments. 

And yes. I promise to never say "hit me up" again.