white jeans with amelia's

tunic | white denim | wedge sandals | bamboo bag | photos by jnelly photography

Because it's Friday (and on Fridays we FAVORITE), I need to introduce you to one of my favorite boutiques. While showing you one of my FAVORITE trends. 

Try to calm down and manage your excitement. (Or else start a drinking game based on the number of times I call something my favorite.)

(With COFFEE obviously, because it's 9am and this isn't that kind of blog, y'all. Unless it's 5 o'clock somewhere.)

For those of you who live within driving distance of Athens, GA, I recently discovered a straight up GEM of a store, Amelia's Apparel. Now, not only do they have some of my absolute favorite spring and summer pieces available, but they have the NICEST, CUTEST store manager.

Who happens to also be my cousin. (Hi Whitney!) Nepotism aside, Amelia's is THE JAM. 

On a recent visit to Amelia's, I found the absolute cutest and most flattering pair of white jeans. They will undoubtedly be your new FAVORITE pair (DRINK...your coffee), because obviously we all need at least 2, or possibly 37, white denim options in our closets.

Reasons to snag this particular pair asap: 

1. They are cropped, and we all know how I feel about CROPPED.

2. They have the cutest embroidery detail, lending to a bit of a boho vibe. And we ALL KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT A BOHO VIBE. 

3. They actually have an elastic waistband. AND WE ALL KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT AN ELASTIC WAISTBAND. 

For those of you who don't live near Athens, guess what? There's this amazing little invention called the internet, so YOU GET WHITE JEANS! AND YOU GET WHITE JEANS!

(let me be clear, you will have to pay for them. But you can get some. Nobody's stopping you.)

I need to also give a shout to this cute tunic. Which I have now worn as a tunic, a dress, and also a nightshirt. Allegedly. 

And therefore it is free. 

Until next time,


P.S. Unfortunately, the tunic I'm wearing is not available online. But if you love it as much as I do,  give Whitney a call, and she can do a phone order for you : 706-850-6373