tuesday shoesday : espadrille edition

Guys, you know how we got REALLY excited for a minute, because we thought spring was here?  SOME OF US rashly busted out our entire summer shoe-drobe, and dramatically relegated our boots to the back of our closets. 

(I don't know her.)

(Wait. Yes, I do. Because I AM her.)

And then winter was all, HOLD MY BEER, and somehow I ended up wearing Uggs and two sweatshirts today. 


Since winter won't go away FOR THE LOVE, I plan to just use the emotionally healthy coping strategy of pretending it's not happening. 

Meaning, let's look at espadrilles, shall we? And if our fingers happen to get cold, start shaking, and accidentally hit purchase, well we can't be held responsible. 

Winter made us do it. 

Until next time,