baby one more time

halogen shift dress | treasure and bond sneakers | photos by jnelly photography 

Gotta admit, when I first saw this dress, I was all "Britney Spears called, and wants her Baby, One More Time dress back.


But then I tried it on, and I was all, OH EM GEE, I'M SORRY DRESS. I WAS WRONG ABOUT YOU. CAN I BUY THIS IN ALL THE COLORS? Because A) drop waists are insanely flattering. And B) it got my fashion-y creative juices flowing. I instantly thought of about 7 ways to style it, so ultimately was all, DRESS WILL YOU MARRY ME?


One of my fave ways to style this beauty is by layering a graphic tee OVER it. How fun is this? Perfect for casual, transition to fall vibes. 

Unlike many of my other Nordstrom sale faves, THIS ONE IS STILL AVAILABLE. And just like G.I. Joe says, being available is half the battle. 

P.S. Be sure to check out my UPDATED Anniversary Sale favorites, as I continue RESEARCHING (stalking) the sale, for entirely blog related purposes, and NOT just for abusing my Nordstrom credit card the way my husband says.