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For at least 5 minutes every January, I resolve to keep my house clean and organized. Then I remember my actual personality, and that flies out the window. Usually around January 17th.

Until then, I’m going to pretend that I am a neat and tidy person. And for me, the one thing that always makes me feel organized in the midst of chaos, is making my bed. I’ve been trying to instill this ONE good habit of mine in AG and Bo, as opposed to the other habits that generally involve too much tv, too much sugar, and too much time spent at Nordstrom.

Anyway, this bed-making thing has NOT been going well. Mainly because I made the rookie mom mistake of giving them beds that are absolutely adorable and absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to make. (For children and maybe also for their 38 year old mothers. Ahem.)

Ally Grace’s is particularly challenging, as it’s essentially an oversized daybed. Which is really freaking cute, yet also really freaking makes me want to curse when I try to make it. So naturally, when a brand called Beddy’s (bed-ease, get it?) popped up in my Facebook feed, I had to learn more. And by “learn more,” what I mean is “coerce Beddy’s into working with me, their new biggest stalker, I mean, FAN.”

Essentially, Beddy’s designs stylish and affordable bedding sets, and then combines the entire set into ONE piece (I’m talking sheet, blanket, and comforter) that GLORIOUSLY wraps your bed like a fitted sheet. Then, to get into your bed at night, you simply unzip the sides and climb in (kinda like a sleeping bag, but cuter and less likely to give you nightmares about summer camp.)

(But Sherri, how can I thoroughly wash my bedding every week like the disciplined and organized person that I am? First of all, STOP IT. You’re making the rest of us look bad, and everyone knows germs build immunity or some other nonsense I like to tell myself. Second of all, check out these super easy washing instructions. And then come wash mine. Pleaseandthankyou.)

If your kid is old enough to zip their own zipper, then he/she is old enough to make their own Beddy’s bed. And since Beddy’s also stocks adult bedding sets, your husband is now officially old enough to make his own bed as well. (Provided he can also zip his own zipper. Ahem.)

Beddy’s generously gifted me this bedding set for Ally Grace’s room, but then, because I fell in love with the look, the concept, and basically decided to become a groupie, I bought a set for Bo as well. Bo’s bed is only minorly frustrating to make, as the Monster Trucks and Hot Wheels have simply held it hostage against a wall. BUT, Ally Grace’s oversized “daybed?” Stage 5 Bed Making Ninja Skills Required.. (Or ya know. Your favorite Beddy’s set.)

To acheive the whole "daybed" look, we took a full-size bed frame, turned sideways, and then placed it against a king-sized upholstered headboard. It gives her more space to throw toys, shoes, and dirty clothes with wild abandon PLAY, while also giving her a “big girl” bed situation. She LOVES it. And now, thanks to Beddy's, my OCD does too.

Love At First White Minky Set | Can’t Top Tassels Pillow Cover | On the Fringe Pillow Cover | USE CODE SHERRI20 for 20% off your purchase!

Listen up bunk bed mamas, daybed mamas, mamas who have shoved their kid’s beds into whatever nook or cranny they can find, GET YE TO BEDDY’S. BUY ONE. BUY FIVE. MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER. And while we’re on the topic of making life easier, let’s also make it a little cheaper: use the code SHERRI20 at checkout FOR 20% off your new sanity saver, I mean, Beddy’s set.

John doesn’t know it yet, but I’m about to gift myself a husband who makes his own bed for Valentine’s Day. #thankyoubeddys.

Until next time,

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