7 wardrobe transition staples

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The holidays are over, and you know what that means: it’s spring now.

JK, but the struggle is REAL when transitioning your wardrobe to a new season. As in, it’s REAL RUDE of your husband to refuse to acknowledge the arrival of a new season by welcoming it with all new clothes. Or when the weather insists on being 80 degrees the very first day of February. (That was really only tough on the people who had to see my “winter white” legs, although Pinterest tells me that winter white is on-trend. So we’re fine.)

(Dear Atlanta, how about we just don’t do winter at all, and then say we did? P.S. A temperature range of 70-72 degrees at all times would be perfectly acceptable. Pleaseandthankyou.)

But since Atlanta is a diva who refuses to do as she’s told (I like her), it’s important to have certain “staple” pieces in your closet that can help you make the switch effortlessly. Plus, calling something a “staple” automatically makes it 72% free. #sherrimath

I’ve pulled together some of my favorite winter to spring “must haves,” mainly because I love y’all, but also partly because I’m kind of obsessed with making these graphics now. And as we all know, justifying something with a graphic means it is a frugal and wise spending choice.

(Don’t be like me. But DO enjoy this graphic.)

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You may already have some of these pieces in your closet, but it might be smart to have a backup (or two. Or five).

As always, I’m JUST HERE TO HELP….you spend your money. Wisely and frugal-y. Ish.

Until next time,

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