valentine's day gift guide (the one we give our husbands)

velvet jumpsuit

If anyone thinks I’m actually going to wear this for Valentine’s day, YOU’RE ADORABLE, and also NO. It would be a super cute outfit idea for a date that doesn’t involve Netflix, sweatpants, and Uggs. In other words, all 3 of my love languages.

Ladies, it’s February, and you know what THAT means….it’s time to pick out our own Valentine’s gifts, and let our husbands think it was their idea. And, guess what? This year, you can just HELPFULLY send your significant others this graphic. It’s very professional (ish) and will trick them into thinking they’re in a business meeting. With their boss, i.e. YOU. He will enjoy your carefully thought out list, and will NOT roll his eyes at you. Or say things like, “really, Sherri, AGAIN?” Or “don’t you think I know what you like after 15 years of marriage.”

Ummmm, SURE I DO. *nods sarcastically, while sliding gift idea list across the table. Tells him that whatever he does, he DEFINITELY SHOULD NOT get the red purse, or the sparkly initial necklace. Hope he picks up on my masterful usage of sarcasm and #reversepsychology. At the very least, hope he only heard the words, “GET,” “red purse,” and “initial necklace.”


(Because we make them. #boss)

And if he decides he doesn’t want to SLAY (make sure you say this to him, because again, #reversepsychology), then ladies, let’s be our own Valentine’s. Or Galentines. Or Schmalentines. Whatever, just treat yo’ self.

Until next time,

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