the rare fashion unicorn: year-round closet staples

ABLE jacket | Socialite Dress | Marc Fisher ankle boots | All Saints backpack | Madewell sunglasses | Madewell ring

Guys, get ready. I’m about to drop some truth on you, and let you in on my TWO spring MUST HAVES. They are complete staples and will be the workhorses of your closet this spring. And probably also of your entire life, let’s be for real.

Ready to have your mind blown? In 3….2….1….

A denim jacket and a floral dress. BOOM.

I know, I know, you’re all But Sherri, every blogger on earth has already told me about denim jackets. AND floral dresses. This isn’t mind-blowing at all.

And to you I say: RUDE. And, anyway, I’m talking about THIS EXACT JACKET. And THIS EXACT DRESS. (Well, not the exact one that I’m wearing. That might be weird. But ya know, the one you’re going to buy so we can twin.)

First up, ABLE’s Merly Jacket is truly THE PERFECT DENIM JACKET. There have been others that have tried to fool me into thinking they were perfect. But this one’s the real deal. My friends over at ABLE were nice enough to send me a Merly jacket to try, and when I tell you that I have worn it no less than 2,227 times, well….I’m obviously exaggerating, because that would be impossible. But it HAS been worn DAILY since I received it. In airports. At the beach. To the bathroom. Ya know. The usual.

Next, let’s discuss this floral dress. It’s cut is beyond flattering, although you MAY want to wear a camisole, since it’s a little low in the front. OR you may want to flash the entire carpool line, but I’ll leave that up to you. #nojudgement

The other great part about this dress is that it ALSO comes in such a fun leopard print! And Sherri Math declares that if you buy the floral, then the leopard is probably free. I mean, Nordstrom won’t think so, and you’ll have to pay actual money for both. But that’s neither here nor there.

In conclusion, you guys need both of these items in your closet. It’s just science, plus Bossy Sherri says so. And even though I said “spring” staples, this denim jacket and floral dress are ALL SEASON pieces. You have essentially been introduced to RARE FASHION UNICORNS. You’re welcome. .

P.S. In case y’all need a little more convincing….

The cost per wear is low.

You deserve them.

Under $100 is basically saving money.

#SherriMath clearly needs to be stopped.

(Or does it?)

Until next time,