my march amazon haul

Me: January you’re the actual worst month, and no other month will ever be as bad as you.

February: Hold my beer.

February 1st : I fall down the stairs and break my finger. (Heels with wide leg jeans may not be the best idea. Fashion can be dangerous.)

Feb. 2nd: Bo barfs all over my bed. And my FACE. AND my general sense of well-being.

This was immediately followed by 4 bouts of flu, 3 rounds of strep, 2 stomach bugs, and a Sherri in a Xanax tree. (Pear trees are SO last Christmas anyway.)

I’m including a photo of my new FOREVER MOOD, so you will recognize me if we see each other IRL. Just substitute day 4 hair and an elastic waistband. #ACCURATE

(Btw, March hasn’t been much better, judging by the way I originally wrote this on March 1st. Guess January’s holding March’s beer too.)

Since I’m living somewhere between a nervous breakdown, and a desire to bathe in Clorox everyday, let’s focus on the positive. And by that I mean, let’s avoid reality and do some favoriting. Want to?


Y’all, there’s nothing more favorite-y than a good old-fashioned amazon haul. And since I have cleaned up puke, diarrhea, and every square inch of my house via my friends at Lysol, then I believe everything I want to buy is now free. ISH.

(John says adding ish to everything doesn’t make it true. I say, bless his delusional little heart. He can talk once his face has been barfed on.)


Listen, if you feel like being super compassionate and wanna Prime any of these right to my doorstep, I won’t even complain one little bit.

P.S. how killer are these Golden Goose dupes?! And this bracelet is a dead ringer for the (much pricier) David Yurman version. I’m working on a post full of my favorite Amazon look-a-likes, so hide yo wallets, hide yo credit cards.

(Except don’t.)

If y’all like these posts, then don’t forget there’s a RATMJ Amazon storefront with tons of curated idea lists. And they are GOOD. They are also dangerous, but who doesn’t want a little risk in their life? *says like binging Netflix ISN’T the most dangerous thing she does. At any rate, I’ve spent hours trying NOT to buy ALL THE AMAZON THINGS. (Does Amazon accept #sherrimath as a valid form of payment? Asking for a friend.)

Until next time,

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