Disclaimer: my apologies for the, ahem, little blog break I have been taking. My children have INSISTED on things like being fed and bathed. They are clearly divas. I am trying to get my feet back under me and do about 37 loads of laundry, while (supposedly) potty-training Bo, and OH YES, dealing with the snowstorm that DIDN'T HAPPEN. You know what's fun about getting your kids ready to go play in the mere flakes of snow that appeared on the ground? 

The five minutes they will enjoy it before they are 'cold," "hungry," and/or "have to go pee."  Actually, Bo, didn't even ask to pee. He just peed in his pants, which is obviously more efficient. 

Our weekend was so fun.

so, unfortunately, all of these blazers are several years old, and cannot be purchased in stores. I know, I know! BAD fashion blogger. HOWEVER, A) blazers are so classic that you will be wearing yours many years from now. And therefore it IS BASICALLY FREE. B) I've linked up to some blazers that are even CUTER down at the bottom of the post. Enjoy! (photo cred: jnelly photography)

Listen up ladies. Blazers are your new best friend. And it's not because I have dreams of channeling Dorothy from Golden Girls. 

Although I totally do. 

It's more about the way a fabulous blazer will pull your outfit together. NO MATTER WHAT. Wear jeans and a graphic tee, and everyone will be all, oh hey, Sherri put on real people pants today.

But add a BLAZER  to that same outfit, and people will be all like, OH HEY, SHERRI! HAD AN IMPORTANT MEETING TODAY!

Why yes, yes, I did. If by important meeting, you mean, I "met" with Porsha and NeNe. 

Don't be like me. 

(But DO get yourself an awesome blazer, and wear it ON THE REGULAR.) Shop some of my current favorites: 

Until next time,