Guys. And by "guys" I mean "girls." Because we ALL KNOW THAT WE ARE THE ONES WHO POTTY TRAIN THE OFFSPRING.

Oh I kid. Maybe.

When you potty train your first child, you're all like, my kid is so smart he/she is going to be diaper free by 18 months old. You tackle potty training like it's freaking Mt. Everest. (Because, it basically IS the Mt. Everest of parenting.)  You read all the books, you have all the supplies, and you potty-treat and sticker your kid LIKE A BOSS. 

It happens quickly (ish). Because, FIRSTBORNS.

When you potty train your second child, you basically let him wear diapers until it becomes EMBARRASSING. For both of you. He can barely fit into the size your kid should be potty trained by now 6 diapers, and he is actually large enough to sit on the adult potty.

By  himself. 

The reason you do this is because you REMEMBER how much easier it is to let your kid wear a diaper, than to search for a clean potty every 10 minutes during a Target run. 

This is how our potty-training is going: 

Me: Bo, it's time to sit  on the potty! (As if sitting on the potty is the FUNNEST EVER!)


Me: BUT YOU WILL GET A CHOCOLATE CHIP AND A STICKER!!! (I mean, come on kid. I am not above bribing you.)

Bo: (sits on potty for half a second) I NO PEE PEE! I NO POO POO!

Me: Okay, but remember to keep your underwear dry.

Bo: Okay! I keep underwear dry! (As he begins peeing down his leg.)

Potty-training is neat. 

If you guys have strategies, tips, new and fun bribes I could offer, or any other general wisdom or funny stories, I need to hear them. Because poor Bo is in danger of wearing diapers until he's 22. 

Until next time (if I SURVIVE THIS),