friday faves

We made it people. It's Friday. And can I just say that, between a 3 year old who apparently only speaks "whinese," and a 7 year old who thinks everything is THE WORST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO HER IN HER ENTIRE LIFE, well....I"m about to lose my ever-loving mind. 

Therefore, I will now utilize a HEALTHY and APPROPRIATE coping mechanism that I like to call meditation. And by "meditation," you should understand that I obviously mean "online shopping." 

bomber >> after Wednesday's post, I feel that it would only be right to add as many as possible to our closets from now until next year.  #gimmeallthebombers (And OH BY THE WAY--ANTHRO IS HAVING A SALE AND NO PRESSURE BUT REALLY ALLLLLL THE PRESSURE. RUN DON'T WALK, BECAUSE EVERYTHING GOOD IS PROBABLY ALREADY GONE. *Use Code SURPRISE)

fun clutch >> is this clutch not the cutest? It makes me want to be in a fun tropical location, sipping on a pina colada as of YESTERDAY. (Actually, my life currently just makes me want that.)

embroidered halter tank >> I don't know if this is technically a halter, or just a tank. But I'm going with it. And you should to. 

strappy pink sandals >> y'all. There is a TALL version of this shoe that I wear only in my mind because all the OUCHES and remember that I need comfort in my life at all times. BUT, this little block heel is super stylish AND I won't trip and embarrass myself when I'm the mystery reader for AG's class. Win, win. 

denim culottes >> I just feel that if something has a name like "culotte," it is automatically FANCY. Yet, these are denim, so they are NOT TOO FANCY. And FANCY BUT NOT TOO FANCY is a good place to live, in my opinion. 

 baublebar earrings >> y'all. Everyone and their (stylish) mama has been wearing these all over the interwebs. But I ain't mad about it, and I don't need to be first on the bandwagon. Nope. Drive past my house bandwagon. I'll jump on you. 

It makes sense in my mind. 

Until next time,