prime day picks and amazon favorites

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* gets credit card statement. Stops smiling.

Don’t panic.

Seriously, DON’T PANIC.

Except do panic a little, because I have an urgent news announcement (for those that clearly live under a rock without internet. Or Instagram. Or “influencers.” Hey wait, do you have room under there?) Ahem. Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale has collided with's Prime Day, and the result is not only making the entire Internet super annoyed, it’s also unleashing a bomb cyclone of spending (and anxiety), headed straight for your bank account. We should probably all take cover. 

*Decides to yolo instead

Can we be real for a second? Amazon is wonderful. It has ALL THE THINGS. But it can also be A SCARY PLACE. A place where one minute, you're innocently picking out your own birthday gift, without your husband’s knowledge. Or general consent. (They like it when we help them.) And THEN, the next thing you know, you accidentally bought a Roomba and some activated charcoal toothpaste, then spent the next hour crying over Willow Tree figurines. (You know, the ones that slightly creep us out because NO FACES = NOT OKAY, but then we also love them because KIDS HUGGING PUPPIES! I CANNOT DEAL.)


But I've GOT YOU. Just click on over to my Prime Day picks, where I'll hold your (virtual) hand every step of the way. (Or at least until my kids start asking for snacks.) Here’s little selection of some super affordable, prime day picks, along with a few of my all time favorites thrown in for good measure.

Like, I said. I GOT YOU. (Especially, John, who needs to remember that my birthday month starts in two weeks.)

Until next Shopping Bomb Cycle,