my anniversary sale favorites, unless you are John, in which case, what sale?

Update: Quite a few of my favorites are ALREADY sold out. This is very rude and also hurts my feelings. But the Anniversary Sale doesn’t care about my feelings, and is all, EVERYTHING YOU LOVE WILL SELL OUT IN MINUTES and BUY NOW, DECIDE LATER, SHERRI. Don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here trying not to throw my computer out the window in frustration, BECAUSE IT’S NOT LIKE I’D ALREADY WRITTEN THE ENTIRE POST OR ANYTHING. *nervously laughs in scary high pitched voice, breathes into paper bag.

Because I love y’all, I DID locate alternates for all favorites, in some cases cuter than the original. (In some cases not on sale…you can’t have it all, right? Still worth a read, I promise.)

Okay. Deep breaths. This is what we've trained for, people.

*cues Olympics music, wins gold. In her mind. #itsfine

Not only has Early Access to Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale started, it is also Amazon Prime Day. It's like that bomb cyclone storm thing, except on your wallet. #funforall #exceptforjohn

First of all, to shop the Anniversary Sale right now, you're gonna need to get a Nordstrom credit card. And I know, I know, you're certain that the minute you do, creditors will be calling and your credit score will automatically drop from 800 to 300. BUT, if you have actual boundaries, and even a minimal amount of self-discipline, then none of that will happen. Probably. Maybe. Seriously though, here’s what you do: Use the card. Buy the things. And THEN whip out your good ol' debit card, and pay it off right then and there. OR, if you’re so excited about your purchases that you just can’t think straight (*raises hand), then you can easily make a payment online later.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial expert. (File under Things that Are Completely Obvious) And I’m really not trying to lecture you how to manage your finances, as I think we all know that would be a mistake. (Besides, that’s what bossy husbands are for, and CALM DOWN, JOHN, I’M JUST KIDDING.)


As for Amazon Prime Day? THAT will get it’s own post shortly, but you can always check out my Amazon storefront for frequently updated things that I am LOVING, yet also ACTIVELY TRYING HARD NOT TO BUY. Sort of.


I was super lucky to have the chance to preview before early access even started. NOT because I’m so special and important, but mainly because I have no boundaries around using my Nordstrom Card. A fact which I unsuccessfully attempt to justify because of the perks! The status! The Triple Points Days! #diditfortheblog!


Regardless, the silver lining of my massive shopping addiction tiny shopping problem is being able to preview the sale. Which means YOU get to preview the sale. (Let's all ignore my poor time management skills, and pretend I'm posting this 5 days ago...pleaseandthankyou.)

It’s always a good day when I get to walk into a Nordstrom, but never more so than during the Anniversary Sale. (I didn’t NOT walk out with seven bags, and a rolling cart. Nope. Definitely didn’t NOT.) If you want to see ALL of my Anniversary Sale favorites, check out the totally reasonable, and not at all excessive, 80 (ish) item list of Things That Live in My Cart In Case I Win the Lottery Tomorrow. Otherwise, hang here and I’ll fill you in on My Very Most Favorite Sale Purchases, Which I Will Probably Stare At In Creepy Adoration All Day. #normal

Leith dress .JPG

First up, this Leith midi dress. I admit, I was scared to try it because it looked pretty form-fitting, and Sherri no-likey things that are tight-y.

Yep. I’m as uncomfortable as you are.

But when I tell you I made about 37 outfits from this one dress, I’m only slightly exaggerating. Point is, #sherrimath made it free for you.

(In my mind.)

*Disclaimer: the dress I’m wearing above went FAST, and is now rudely sold out. BUT, Leith does not disappoint in its selection of form-fitting yet flattering dresses. THIS ONE is a huge cult favorite and the ruching makes it work on every body type. Plus it’s only $31. (Secretly, I may like it even more than the one I’m wearing.) The red is my favorite, but every color is good y’all. SO many ways to style this one, that it might just get a post of it’s own!

BB Dakota Chambray Shirt Dress

Next up, this BB Dakota Chambray Shirt Dress. I probably would’ve skipped this, but my favorite Nordstrom stylist, Katrina, is very wise, and I do what Katrina says. It’s really so much cuter than it looks online. Pro tip: toss the little fabric belt that comes with it, and either use a more substantial option, or in this case, forego the belt entirely. (Btw, I always do this, anti-fabric belt FOREVER!) That drop waist/ruffle thing-y at the bottom is really flattering, and I think adding a belt visually breaks up the dress too much. (And if you’d like a tutorial on professional fashion verbiage like “ruffle thing-y,” just know that you will probably have to ask someone who is actually a fashion professional.)

This one was low at the time of posting, so just in case it sells out, here are a few alternates that I love:

Y’all let’s talk about THIS dress, which again, didn’t totally wow me at first. UNTIL, I realized how many ways I could style this sucker. Then I was ALL IN.

Last one, I promise….for now, muahahahahahaha. These Wit & Wisdom Ab-Solution Camo Pants are a miracle. No joke. They suck everything in NICE and TIGHT, so your stomach is flat and your hiney looks fine-y. (I’m sorry. I can’t stop.) And they are fully stocked, just waiting to look amazing on you. And YOU get a flat stomach! And YOU get a flat stomach! And YOU get a flat stomach! I am married to these now.

Wit and Wisdom Ab-Solution Jeans    (#seewhattheydidthere?)

Wit and Wisdom Ab-Solution Jeans (#seewhattheydidthere?)

Whew! We got through it. (At least until I go back and find new things to love. Unless you are John, in which case I’m not.) Have you shopped the sale yet? What are your favorites? Will you be as creepy as I am with my new beloveds? Share your favorites in the comments because I’m probably gonna need some new things to love.

(Unless you are John, in which case I’m not..)

Until next time,