the benefits of CBD with Equilibria

SOME OF US are at that point in the summer, where we could use a little “reboot” health-wise. Especially if SOME OF US currently have “healthy habits” that consist of stuffing our faces full of tacos and ice cream, as if bathing suits AREN’T actually required at the pool.

But y’all know I like to share when I’ve discovered something awesome, and Equilibria Premium CBD is unequivocally awesome in my book.

Daily and consistent use of CBD will essentially give you the healthy reboot you’re looking for, and, according to scientific research (summarized by Sherri, the NOT SCIENTIST), it’s kind of a miracle . Remember how, in the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the father of the bride is always whipping out Windex to spray on unsuspecting family members and their ailments?

My plan is to start dropper-ing CBD into the mouths of unsuspecting people who seem to need a health reboot. I’m sure this will definitely NOT be alarming at all, and probably WON’T get me arrested. (*file under things that are blatantly untrue.)

(My other plan is to use the (non) word “dropper-ing” as a verb whenever possible.)

Anyway, a little backstory, before I bossily tell you to buy Equilibria CBD, and then send you on your way with a discount code. For several years now, I’ve been dealing with insomnia. And anxiety (thanks #motherhood). And an acute case of GettingOldAndEverythingHurts-itis. But since Peanut Butter M&Ms are very rude and refuse to have actual medicinal value, I’ve partnered with Equilibria, an all-female, premium CBD company, focused on improving women’s health.

But Sherri, I heard that CBD is illegal and my middle school PE teacher told me to JUST SAY NO to drugs. Well guess what? CBD is a natural ingredient found within industrial hemp flowers, a cannabis sativa plant grown specifically to exhibit 0.3% THC content or less — in other words, no, (MOM), it won’t cause you to “get high.” P.S. Any industrial hemp plants that cross the 0.3% “line in the sand” become marijuana plants, federally illegal, and (after approximately the 5% THC mark) psychoactive/intoxicating.

Again, CBD is completely legal in all 50 states, which means my mom also won’t see me getting busted for illegal substances on the latest episode of Cops.

Well that’s great and all, but why should I even try CBD? You shouldn’t, unless you care about things like mental and physical well-being, pain relief, better sleep, and a decrease in everyday anxiety. (In other words, if you’re a mom, and your anxiety has anxiety, treat yo’self.)

Okay, that sounds cool, but there are so many products to choose from. How do I know Equilibria is the best? Well, for starters, I’ve already tried most of the other brands for you. But seriously, y’all, Equilibria is truly the best. Not only is it an all-female company, each new member receives a one on one phone consultation with a dosage specialist who will customize a CBD regimen to help you meet your specific goals. Guys, real talk for a second: I hate talking on the phone. Like, will hugely inconvenience myself if it means I don’t have to have an actual phone conversation. BUT, I genuinely enjoyed my phone consultation with my dosage specialist, Maia! She made me feel super comfortable with sharing my health history, a fact that she probably regretted after the The Dramatic Overshare she received. I found myself taking notes during our call, and walked away feeling seriously educated about CBD and Equilibria’s product line in general. My box arrived the following day, and thanks to Maia, I knew exactly when and how to take my CBD.

Oooh I love products! Details, please: First of all, you are my people. Also, you should know that the Equilibria packaging is super chic and beautiful. (Says the girl who bought a lip scrub the other day because it came in a cute rose gold box.)

There are several different box options, and I went with Equilibria’s Brilliance Box. It includes the products you see here: Daily Softgels, Relief Cream, and the Daily Drops. My current regimen is (1) 10mg soft gel in the morning, (1) 10mg dropper after dinner, and a second dropper full should one not relax me enough to fall asleep. TBH, I’ve never made it to that second dropper full, as the first does all I need it to do. The Relief Cream is more of an as needed, “Help Me, I’m Old” kind of thing. It relieves aches and pains, and John may or may not steal it from me on the reg.

I was a little worried about taking CBD during the daytime, because I was afraid I’d get too sleepy, but as I learned from Maia, smaller doses of CBD actually have an energizing and focusing effect. #whoknew #notme

How about you? Have you already tried CBD? For oversharers like me, what are your main “CBD Goals?” Equilibria has options to purchase a monthly subscription, or to simply make a one-time purchase. I can highly recommend the Brilliance Box, which I’ve been using for almost a full month. My sleep is better, and I honestly do feel more “even” emotionally. (And for that, John says thank you.) Plus my friends at Equilibria are offering my readers a 15% off discount code. Just click here and enter the code SHERRIDICKENS at checkout for FREE MONEY. #sherrimath (John says it doesn’t work that way, let’s bless his uninformed little heart.)

Disclaimer: I know sometimes it can be hard to know which products are really worth the money, but I wholeheartedly believe this is one of them. I make it a point to only work with companies that I personally love and support, and Equilibria now ranks high on that list.

Whew. That was A LOT, even for me. Thanks for sticking with me, and let me know if you have any questions, okay?


Until next time,