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the benefits of CBD with Equilibria

SOME OF US are at that point in the summer, where we could use a little “reboot” health-wise. Especially if SOME OF US currently have “healthy habits” that consist of stuffing our faces full of tacos and ice cream, as if bathing suits AREN’T actually required at the pool.

But y’all know I like to share when I’ve discovered something awesome, and Equilibria Premium CBD is unequivocally awesome in my book.

Daily and consistent use of CBD will essentially give you the healthy reboot you’re looking for, and, according to scientific research (summarized by Sherri, the NOT SCIENTIST), it’s kind of a miracle . Remember how, in the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the father of the bride is always whipping out Windex to spray on unsuspecting family members and their ailments?

My plan is to start dropper-ing CBD into the mouths of unsuspecting people who seem to need a health reboot. I’m sure this will definitely NOT be alarming at all, and probably WON’T get me arrested. (*file under things that are blatantly untrue.)

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