the big five

Let's be honest guys, there are WAY MORE than 5 things from the Anniversary Sale that I LOVE AND ADORE AND WANT TO COME LIVE WITH ME FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER. 

(Because I am obviously excited about the #nsale at what is a completely normal and emotionally stable level.)

Despite being the worst at narrowing down a list, for you guys, I can do it. I came up with FIVE. Five things that are probably selling out as I type these words. I'm looking at you Rag & Bone circle bag that was in my cart on it's merry little way to checkout, and THEN GOT STOLEN FROM ME by Super Speedy Susan, who was more organized, quicker with her card, and who is also fake but it helps me to blame someone, okay?  #actlikeitsnormal

Anyway, here ya go, in no particular order (except for preference and my obvious love for the item) :

ALLLLL the love for    this jacket   . ALL of it. (And for my adorable intern, who is clearly my favorite thing in this entire photo.)

ALLLLL the love for this jacket. ALL of it. (And for my adorable intern, who is clearly my favorite thing in this entire photo.)

1. Blanknyc moto jacket (a few left in black, and only a couple sizes in the green. Get it before it's GONE. And p.s. don't be scared of the green .I think it's actually my favorite).

Has to be first because y'all have witnessed me ACTING A FOOL about this jacket. I didn't NOT order it in the black AND the green. Nope. I surely DIDN'T NOT. *wink wink

These sneakers    will be worn constantly and without regard for social appropriateness.

These sneakers will be worn constantly and without regard for social appropriateness.

2. Adidas sneaks 

No joke, these will go with everything you own. Even your bathing suit. Or your prom dress. And don't think I won't try to get away with both. They'll also help you run away from your children faster when you're playing hide and seek. Or as I call it "hide and find mommy in the closet reading a magazine two hours later."

Side note : the womens version of these shoes are selling out quickly. BUT, this is the men's version and it is essentially the same. And since we know that men don't appreciate good shoes, let's claim theirs as our own, shall we? (Size down approximately 1.5 when converting your normal size to mens sizing. So my normal 8.5 is now a 7. Boo yah)

I own so many iterations of    this jean   . It is truly THAT. GOOD.

I own so many iterations of this jean. It is truly THAT. GOOD.

3. AG "the legging" ankle jeans

Warning : If you buy these, prepare to have legs for DAYS, and a booty that just won't quit. Also, you should know that you will be INVESTING money in a wardrobe staple that will be in style until you die.

You're welcome for your answer to the inevitable question of "you spent WHAT on JEANS?!!"

4. Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

Confession: I already own these. In 3 colors. They are every bit as good as people say, and then some. Pricey yes, but see above re: legs for days and booty that just won't quit. Same story, different legging. 

5. BP Raw Edge V-Neck Tee

Man, I debated so hard for this number 5 spot. (Told ya I was bad at lists.) It almost went to this Topshop Cardigan, because we are married now. BUT, I thought this BP Tee was A) more of a staple, and B) it is $12. TWELVE DOLLARS. Which is practically as expensive as my nitro cold brew at Starbucks, and I can't even WEAR those. Until I spill them all over my favorite hat in the world, but that is a different and sadder story for another day. AHEM. Back to the tee. It's long. It's NOT skintight (me likey), and the v-neck makes it super flattering. And above all it is TWELVE DOLLARS. 

Guys, allow me to be real : things are selling out as I type, plus the Anniversary Sale goes live to everyone this Friday, the 20th. So, not to pressure anyone or contribute to any sort of buying frenzy, but EVERYTHING IS SELLING OUT SO YOU NEED TO THROW THINGS INTO YOUR CART WITH WILD ABANDON. DON'T LET SPEEDY SUSAN SCREW YOU OVER LIKE SHE DID TO ME. 

But, ya know. Don't panic or anything. 

P.S. I'm totally joking guys. Restocks DO happen, but unfortunately, I have no idea what, when, or how many. That's why I'm stalking Nordstrom's site like a psychotic ex-girlfriend. And you should probably do the same. I'll definitely let you know as I see items get restocked, so make sure you're following my instastories. Disclaimer: I'm being highly annoying about our vacation in Cabo over on stories, but I'm trying to balance it by being highly annoying about the Nsale and Prime Day as well. I promise the moment I get home from vacation my life will return to supremely boring and mundane. And I'm totally alright with that. 

Until next time (except for you, Susan),