white boots for spring (and maybe also for president)

rebecca minkoff top | veronica beard denim | jeffrey campbell booties | madeline morgan designs earrings | sunglasses | photos by jnelly photography 

Listen I hate to say I told you so (no, I don't. I love saying that), but I do believe I called this white boot trend that is veering into actual classic category.

And if it's not, don't tell me. Because I am right. And also because when I find a trend I like, I wear it to death until everyone is sick of it.

White boots for president. 

Seriously though, you guys can and SHOULD be wearing your white booties basically ALL THE DANG TIME (technical fashion term, duh). 

I love them paired with a floral for a spring and summer look that is all, HEY I know these were hella cute in the winter with all my sweaters, BUT have you seen them in the summer with my florals??? 

(Because white booties are sassy and say things like hella.)

Now, I know some of y'all are all, "But, Sherri, it's 137 degrees where I live, and boots will make my feet sweat. It's SUMMER. Summer isn't for boots." Well, to you I say, stop with this blasphemy. And get some PERFORATED boots. Or just poke holes in yours. (j/k, I can't actually recommend this unless you are a professional bootmaker. And if you are, please call me. We need form a lifelong relationship.)

To recap: 

1. White boots for spring. And maybe for president. 

2. Wear them with florals.

3. And make them perforated if you don't want super moist feet (sorry, I just had to).

4. Bonus points for wearing with cropped jeans (but also cute with cutoffs, or a fun sundress).

5. If you're a bootmaker call me. I have a sick addiction to boots and I'll be your new best friend.

Until next time (when we are all wearing white booties),