new year's style

michael stars sweater (similar here) | spanx faux leather leggings | pedro garcia booties | baublebar choker | tory burch wallet clutch

I'm just sitting here watching Frozen for the 134th time, while enduring the inevitable Christmas hangover. And I don't mean the adult beverage kind of hangover. Unfortunately. 

I'm referring to the KID Christmas hangover. This is what happens when they have received a surplus of sugar, attention, and insanely cool toys, and therefore inevitably start up with the "I'm BORED" routine.

Oh, I'm sorry. Are all your fun new toys BORING YOU??? Well, I"m sure that Santa kept the receipts so SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR FREAKING STAR WARS LEGOS. 


At any rate, I needed to think about something NOT ANNOYING, so New Year's Eve it is! Let me tell ya why this outfit slays the New Year's game:

1. The pants are high-waisted LEGGINGS. This basically means that you are wearing socially acceptable pjs. This is what they call starting off the new year on the right track. 

2. This sweater can be worn off the shoulders (date style) or on the shoulders (mom-style). This means that you got two sweaters for the price of one. And THAT means that you are a frugal, budgeting BOSS.

3. If you're in colder weather, you can substitute these peep-toed booties for some OTK boots. If you live in Georgia, you will probably substitute them for a bikini and some espadrilles because it was nearly 70 degrees on Christmas Day. 

4. After a week of rarely getting out of your NON-SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE pjs, you will enjoy dressing up for a bit.

(Although, let's be real. By midnight, my body has to be wearing an elastic waistband. I'm basically Cinderella.)

Until next time,