on christmas eve, we wear suede

blanknyc jacket | floral dress {sold out, similar here} | lace top {similar here} | hudson denim | JORD watch | sugarboo clutch {sold out, similar here} | rayban aviators

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Some of you already own a suede jacket...if so, you should WEAR IT. Because it's Christmas Eve and on Christmas Eve we wear suede. 

(Apparently, I also turn into Regina George on Christmas Eve. My family is so lucky.)

Now, for those of you who don't already own a suede jacket...RUDE. Also, I'm not saying that you HAVE to go purchase it..but Christmas Eve shopping is kinda like Christmas Eve eating: it may be ugly, and it's better to just pretend it didn't happen. For example, you may eat 17 Sister Schubert rolls and an entire pecan pie for dinner. Instead, simply tell yourself that you ate a light kale salad. 

According to this logic, just clickety-click on over to my favorite suede jacket. Buy it. Then, tell yourself that you actually just purchased a blender for your great-Aunt Mabel.

My Christmas gift to you? The ability to delude yourself. You're welcome. 

P.S. Aunt Mabel wants you to know that there are many fun colors to choose from. She really enjoys the RED one. 

Apparently Aunt Mabel is SASSY. 

Until next time,