the super bowl six


*laughs crazily, scares the dog

Also, hi, 2018? Why doesn't everything automatically save the moment I type it? Why can't I just THINK it, and skip typing altogether? Why don't we all have pet panda babies? 


Your friend Sherri, who sincerely hopes to have a self-driving car by the end of the year. And maybe an actual robot. 

Since, I can't be trusted to get my ISH together in time for a Friday Faves post, y'all are gonna get a Super Bowl Six. Because let's be honest, I'm basically only in it for the commercials and some JT. 

Why. Am. I. Like. This.

Why. Am. I. Like. This.

1. I think we all know I love the Bros Being Basic Instagram (@brosbeingbasic). I think we also all know I love being extra. 


2. Apple Airpods. I've basically been wearing these 97% of the past 2 months. Probably at times my husband and kids were talking to me. #sorrynotsorry

3. Blessing you with 20% off your purchase at fab'rik Buckhead, using SHERRIDICKENS20. Because I'm now a brand ambassador for fab'rik Buckhead. And yes, I totally plan to milk this like I am the new Miss America.

*pageant wave, tosses 20% discounts around like confetti 

P.S. this code is good for fab'rik Buckhead. So, if you're local, get your cute little buns over to the store, and be all "hey Sherri said I can have 20% off, holla." (Make sure you say HOLLA.) If you're NOT local, you can still shop the goodness via the world wide interwebs. Just head over to fab'rik Buckhead's instagram (@fabrikbuckhead) and shoot them a DM or text to shop. REMEMBER TO USE SHERRIDICKENS20. I'll look good and they will love me. You'll look good because you'll be wearing the CUTEST trends. We all WIN. 

Free People Laguna Thermal  (let's all appreciate how it covers the crotchal region, shall we?)

4. This thermal is THE JAM. And if people aren't saying THE JAM anymore, then I don't wanna know about it.  

bony levy midi ring

bony levy midi ring

5. this midi ring

Are midi rings still a thing? Let's pretend like  I actually care and won't just wear them anyway. 

(P.S. this one is the prettiest ever.  It's a little bit of a splurge, but it is SO pretty in real life. NOT like I know or anything. It doesn't live in my jewelry box OR ANYTHING.

*hides right hand behind back, backs away slowly. 

6. these wedges 

You know that excited feeling you get when you see a super cute wedge on sale? Except NOT, because you lack self-control and bought it last year at full price? 

Yeah. Me too. 

Until next Super Bowl Sunday, 

(jk, I'll be here all week)