the embroidered denim jacket

pilcro jacket | anthropologie dress | sole society booties | rebecca minkoff hobo | noonday collection necklace | diff eyewear sunglasses | photos by jnelly photography 

Not gonna lie, y'all. when I first saw this jacket, I was all, UM, NOPE. Cute on 7 year olds. Not so cute on a THIRTY-SEVEN year old.

But very, very occasionally, I am WRONG.

(Unless you are John, in which case I AM NOT and I never said I was.) 

At any rate, keeping an open mind is a great thing, ladies, because I am now a little obsessed with this jacket. It's like that old saying goes: "don't judge a jacket by how it looks on a hanger". Or something like that. #lifelessonsfromSherri 

Can we also discuss these Sole Society booties? They are the PERFECT coral color for summer, and OH SO VERY comfortable. I know, I know. You're all, But Sherri! They have heels! There's no way these are comfortable.  Oh how wrong you are. (And I'm not. Remember how I"m never wrong?)


Finally, if you follow me on social media, you know my love for Noonday's new spring line is strong. This necklace may very well be my new favorite piece, and you all need it in your lives. . 

And as we all tell John know, I am never wrong.

Until next time,