Date Nights

off the shoulder top || ag denim || dolce vita shoes {similar here} || tory burch clutch || nickel and suede earrings (size large) || rayban aviators

So date nights. Remember those? When you were all, hey babe, where should we grab dinner tonight? And you did that, oh I don't know, EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK. 

Then, you had kids, and it became more like, hey babe, I got a sitter for the 3rd Tuesday of this month from 6:42 until we've used up the kids' college funds.  

(Which, let's be real, is 8:30. Long enough to enjoy a nice dinner out, and still get home in time to binge House of Cards on Netflix.  AFTER you've texted the babysitter to be sure the kids are actually asleep.  Because, DUH.)

Date nights may be a little less spontaneous and a little more planned in this stage of life.  Fortunately, you can still trick people into thinking you are spontaneous and carefree by rocking a cute top/denim combo....I recommend an off-the-shoulder top, since on date night, it's totally acceptable to have t-rex arms. 

(Again....wearing an OTS top around your kids is like an open invitation to have little Billy initiate a wardrobe malfunction. AHEM. Just saying.)

P.S. If you're all, no way, Sherri, not doing white until next May, and YOU CAN'T MAKE ME....well, I've got ya covered. Sub in some gray moto denim or ripped up boyfriends.

Until next time,