friday faves

Because it's Friday, and who DOESN'T want to fight with their spouse over their "shopping habits" this weekend?

What? Just me?

Simple Choker | if you're afraid you'll look like Claire Danes in My So Called Life, then SETTLE DOWN. This super simple choker will ease you into the 90's trend, plus your kids can't actually choke you with it. #win

(Besides. Claire Danes got to be that crazy chick on Homeland, so it all worked out in the end.)

Fun Graphic Tee | I love t-shirts that say what I'm thinking. And #sorrynotsorry is kinda perfect for us moms.   Kid:  "mommy!!! LIFE IS HORRIBLE, and if you would just let me eat 37 pieces of candy for breakfast/give me an iPad or an iPhone/allow me to watch zombie movies, I would finally be HAPPY."

You: point to your t-shirt, mentally mike-drop, and walk away. 


(Actually, I'm not even sorry that I'm not sorry.  But that's somehow not nearly as catchy..)

Tunic Sweater Free People and their sweaters FTW. Always. Bonus? This actually covers the crotchal region when you wear leggings/jeggings/any other pants not socially acceptable to wear without a tunic.

Stylish Booties Hi, I'm Sherri and I'm a bootie-a-holic. (Which sounded a lot less dirty in my mind than it does typed out.) But really.....these may be on their way to my home. Unless you are my husband, in which case they are not. Maybe. 

(As she reaches for her "sorry not sorry" t-shirt)

Faux Suede Leggings For those of us who enjoy getting away with wearing pajamas in public, while looking #likeaboss. 

(Plus, they are cheap, and as we all know, buying something cheap is actually SAVING MONEY. #girlmath #shoppingmath #itsarealthingpeople)

The Wear Everywhere Dress You wanna wear this with booties? Great. OTK boots? Awesome. Sneakers and a leather jacket? DO YOUR THING, GIRL. It's made out of a soft, impossible to wrinkle jersey material, basically has a built in choker, and hides all the areas that us mamas like to hide. #WINNING

Happy weekend everyone!