gameday style


It's interesting to go to a college football game now that I'm, you know, NOT IN COLLEGE ANYMORE. Apparently, my 20 year old self is all, Sherri, wear some heels and a mini skirt! And my 36-year old self is all, shut up 20 year old Sherri, I'll kill you if you wear that, and also, BYE FELICIA. 

I think this is a happy medium that could make both my 20 year old and 36 year old selves happy.   

College Sherri gets off the shoulder and a strapless bra (because she is crazy), and 36 year old Sherri gets some seriously comfy jeans and flat boots.  Life is about compromise, right? 

P.S. College Sherri: Don't go secret-handshaking your way around the ADPi house, okay? At this point in your life, you could've basically birthed some of those college kids. Settle down

Until next time,