boho mom

embroidered top | flare denim | wedge shoes | backpack {fringe no longer available-similar here} | feather earrings

I kind of have a crush on the 70's.  Aside from it's obvious parenting #wins (i.e. KIDS GO PLAY OUTSIDE AND DON'T BOTHER MOMMY AND HER FRIENDS), the 70's are my favorite decade for fashion.  OH, THE FASHION. 

I basically want all the 70's things.  And for this outfit, I just piled them on....fringe? Sure.  Feathers? Why not? Flares? ALWAYS. 

Let me tell ya why this outfit is magic, aside from the boho vibes (which, to tell you the truth, is more than enough for me): 

1. The flares are freaking HIGH-WAISTED. What? Yes. This means that when you bend over to pick up little Timmy's dropped car for the 435th time, you won't be flashing your neighbors. Or the park.  Or the entire carpool line. 

2.  This shirt is light and breezy.  And while you might think this is not a great quality in your fall wardrobe, you MIGHT NOT LIVE IN GEORGIA.  Where fall apparently thinks it's okay to be 85 degrees on Halloween


3. The backpack, well, y'all know how I feel about backpacks. Major heart eyes over here. Hands-free purses for the WIN.

4. The shirt can be worn up ON YOUR SHOULDERS for mom-ing, and worn off the shoulder for dating.  Unless you're getting a "netflix and chill" vibe, but you're in more of a "netflix and eat m&ms" place. Feel free to pull that sucker back up on those shoulders in that case.

Until next time,

P.S. HUGE shoutout to Kane Boutique for A) outfitting me in this shirt, and B) letting me use your fitting room as a changing area for these photos. There is so much awesome in this store, that you will need to see it to believe it. If you're an ATL girl, get yourself over to the westside and visit Kane immediately!