friday faves

diff eyewear sunglasses | anthropologie wrap belt | free people booties | madewell sweater | free people buttondown

It's FRI-YAY...which means absolutely nothing if you're a parent.  Your kid will inevitably wake you up at the crack. of. dawn. tomorrow. Despite how every day last week you had to drag them out of the freaking bed for school. And since the time change happens this weekend, we will also get the joy of knowing that the extra hour to sleep MEANS NOTHING TO US

I say, let's treat ourselves, shall we?

sunglasses >> if you, HYPOTHETICALLY OF COURSE, follow anyone on social media who has ever had anything to do with the Bachelor franchise, then you have probably seen these sunglasses.  (Apparently, in addition to drinking games and just generally entertaining the world, Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad contestants are also good at promoting things on Instagram.)  Regardless, these are cool and I am IN. (Fine. I was all in the minute I saw JoJo wearing them on Snapchat. Whatever.)

*DIFF eyewear has a give-back initiative that provides reading glasses to those in need. Yet another reason to be IN.

wrap belt >> this belt is basically magical.  You can wrap it high, low, over a dress, over a top--you just need it in your life.  You could even probably find other uses for it.  But this is a family (ish) blog, and we don't need to know about those.

free people booties >> I big, puffy heart LOVE these. I don't even know why. But I would basically wear them with anything on this page, and anything in my closet. Including, but not limited to, my pajamas, my bathing suit, and possibly even yoga pants.

They're just that cool. (Or else they're insane. But, for me, they're cool.)

madewell convertible sweater >> um, hi.  This sweater is CONVERTIBLE.  Which for all the boys reading this (hi, husband! hi dad!), means that the turtleneck is detachable, thus converting the sweater into a crewneck. You know who designed this? A WOMAN. A woman who wanted to tell her husband "look honey, it's basically 2 outfits for the price of one! STOP JUDGING HOW MANY SWEATERS I OWN."  

While we're at it, you can probably wear the turtleneck as an armband! A head wrap! A leg warmer! A nursing cover! 

J/k, NONE OF THESE STATEMENTS ARE TRUE. But since I basically earned degrees in Rationalizing and Girl Math, they COULD BE.

free people buttondown >> I, for one, plan to button only the two middle buttons so that I can show my chest AND my stomach at the same time.

No. I do NOT. 

In spite of the weird styling, I am obsessing over this shirt. Hi, I'm Sherri, and I'm a FREE PEOPLE-A-HOLIC. 

I'm sure it's a thing.

Happy Friday, y'all!