bell sleeves + metallic loafers

chicwish top | boyfriend denim | louise et cie loafers | kendra scott earrings |  tortoise sunglasses 

Disclaimer: the following is a date night look. If  you choose to wear this around your offspring, then I can't be held responsible for the tugging, pulling, and general ketchup-staining that will inevitably happen.  Tell your significant other to call up the babysitter, and get yo reservation on....mama's going out!

If I'm being honest, bell sleeves are a trend that's escaped me. This is primarily a result of my preference for looking like NOT A PIRATE. 

But. THEN, I found this Chicwish shirt. (And by found, I mean I saw it on instagram and bought that junk as fast as my little fingers could click purchase.)  And I immediately felt PRETTY!  FANCY!  (slightly) PIRATE-Y!

But in the good way.  (Besides, I paired my pirate shirt with some ripped up jeans and metallic loafers.  Pretty sure pirates don't wear those, so I think we're all good here.)

Until next time, mate-y. 

(I also can't be held responsible for what happens before my coffee. )