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mama's day

I have to start this post with a disclaimer. I know Mother's Day is hard for some of y'all. And for you, I wish I could reach through this computer and give you your OWN DANG mother's day gift. You deserve it. Because you've had to do the hardest work of all. You've had to deal with grief. Or loss. Or maybe you've had to learn to be a mother, when you never had a great example from which to learn. And you are badasses. All of you.

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spring cleaning top 5

Spring cleaning is so fun! It's just my favorite! 

Said NO ONE EVER. If anything, hoarding is more my favorite than spring cleaning. 

I used to have people tricked into thinking I was extremely organized. All you had to do was come to my house, and stay ONLY in the living room. And not open any drawers. Or cabinets. Or the coat closet. Unless you wanted to be subject to my secret hoarding shame.

And I don't know how many of you can relate, but the mere IDEA of buckling down and organizing basically any part of my house, had me needing a break. Because (*Kim K voice) this is exhausting. 

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spring break : do's and don'ts

It's that time again, friends. The time where we say BLESS OUR HEARTS and WE CAN (possibly) DO THIS.  

It's spring break, y'all.  

Spring break USED TO mean that I would throw my cutest bathing suits into an overstuffed duffel bag, pile into someone's mom's minivan, and drive 12 hours straight to Miami. Because COLLEGE.

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friday faves : my fave bloggers

Before I started blogging, I had a very specific idea about the life of a blogger. I thought it consisted of fun photo shoots, being gifted all kinds of free stuff, and just generally looking put together most of the time. I was certain that bloggers had their ISH together, in a way that I could never. 

And then I became one. And I learned that photo shoots are freezing & awkward, free stuff DOESN'T come pouring out of the UPS truck (unless you're John, in which case it does), and I almost NEVER look put together. Just ask any of my neighbors or basically anyone in my life. 

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beauty faves (which I may or may not know how to use)

In my 20's, I'd prance around makeup-less and dewy skinned, and be all LOOK HOW MUCH COLLAGEN MY SKIN IS PRODUCING. (jk, I didn't even know the word collagen back then. Because I didn't have to.)  And despite being often without makeup in my current life (rocking skin that is NOT in it's 20's), I've realized that I'm past the point of fresh-faced Sherri who doesn't need makeup, and firmly in the "aw honey, go put some concealer on, mkay" phase of life.

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do good with resupply

If you know me in real life, then you know that I'm a big ol' bleeding heart, and I LOVE to give back. NOT because I'm so amazing, generous, or unselfish (I'm not, just ask John), but more so because I know exactly what it means to receive that kind of "good" in your life. You see, not only am I a former social worker, but I'm also a former foster kid. One who's been the recipient of more than one bag of donated clothes, shoes, toys, and almost anything else you can think of. 

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(last minute) vday for him

Y'all can just thank my extreme procrastination and inability to multitask for the fact that this is going up the DAY BEFORE Valentine's Day.  So, lean in close....this is what we're gonna do. Should you be an extreme procrastinator like me (duh. you're my people), then we're taking a note from the husband's playbook. We'll buy the gift, and then PRINT A PHOTO to slip inside a valentine's card.  GENIUS. 

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dear boy moms

dear boy moms,

I get it. 

I. GET. IT. 

I'll be totally honest, I was team girl ALL THE WAY after having Ally Grace. She and I have always had a special bond, and I kept thinking how amazing it would be to have nothing but daughters. Because we would obviously spend our time shopping, getting our nails done, and talking about boys. (I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom. Duh.)

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